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How much is registration?

Find details about pricing and registration here.

For executive directors, senior executive directors, and national executive directors, registration is free. Everything included in the in-person registration is available for executives.  

Will consultants who join after June 11, 2024, be able to attend Conference?

If you’re unable to register for the in-person registration, you’ll still be able to take part in Conference through our virtual registration. This option will be available June 12–July 10. 

What if I won a free registration at Conference 2023 or Empower 2024?

Congratulations! Please register as you normally would. The $0 registration fee is already applied. If you do not see the adjustment, email registration@pamperedchef.com.

What's different about this year's virtual experience from prior years?

This year, the virtual option will continue to be a replay experience: It will not be a live viewing experience. For a reduced rate, you will receive same-day video recordings of three General Sessions and Zoom® recordings of the Teach Me Workshops and Breakout Sessions that will include announcements and training. This gives you the flexibility to watch when you want.

NEW this year: As part of the virtual experience, attendees will also receive a portion of the new fall 2024 products worth $45(USD)/ $60(CAD). 

Note: This option does not include registration materials, or recognition items such as ribbons and scrapers or gifts.

What are the perks of the virtual ticket?

Virtual attendees can: 

  • Watch recordings of general sessions to hear announcements and get training.
  • Receive Zoom® recordings of Breakout Sessions and Teach Me Workshops to learn how to book, sell, and recruit from top achievers.
  • Shop PC Gear online.
  • Be eligible for General Session giveaways.
  • Get recognized for your accomplishments for the last year on screen during General Sessions.
How will I receive the virtual information?

Prior to Conference, you’ll receive an email from Home Office with links to the platform. The platform will house the recordings that you will have access to until Aug. 31. You can listen/view at your leisure any time, anywhere. The recordings will be available on the same afternoon as each session.

If I register to attend in person but am unable to attend, will I get all the perks and giveaways?

You will need to be at Conference in person in Rosemont to receive the items included with in-person registration, including but not limited to registration materials, recognition items (ribbon and scrapers), gifts, general session giveaways, and product giveaways. No on-site materials, items, or giveaways will be shipped to in-person registrants who cannot attend.​ Additionally, we will not allow items to be picked up by consultants who attend in person in the absence of someone else.

If you plan to come to the in-person experience, register for the in-person experience. If you can’t attend in person, please register for the virtual experience, so you don’t take a seat from someone who wants to attend in person.

Can I cancel my registration and still be refunded?

Because all General Sessions and Breakout Sessions will be recorded and all attendees will have access to recordings, registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Registered consultants can watch segments at any time following the event, even if they cannot participate in-person.

What payment method can I use to register for Conference?

You can pay with a Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, or American Express® card or pay with Pampered Chef dollars or an Order Payment Account. Canadian consultants can pay with a Visa®, MasterCard®, or American Express® card or pay with Pampered Chef dollars or an Order Payment Account. 

Can guests register for in-person Conference this year?

Yes! Consultants will be able to register guests for Conference 2024. Guests can be registered through the consultant registration process. Guests can attend everything except for invitation-only events.

Is there maximum capacity for this event?

We want to make room for as many consultants as possible—but there are a limited number of seats available in-person, so make sure you reserve your spot right away! 

There are an unlimited number of spots available for the virtual experience. 

What if I don’t register before in-person registration has reached capacity?

We encourage you to register as soon as you can! If you’re unable to register in time for the in-person experience, you’ll still be able to view the General Sessions and Breakout Sessions with a lower virtual registration ($99 USD/$129 CAD). This option will be available June 12–July 10. 

How long will the recordings be available after Conference?

All recordings will be available through Aug. 31, 2024.


Can I secure a room if I am not registered for Conference?

You must be registered for Conference to secure your room. The housing site will become available to you after 10 a.m. (CT) the day after you register. The first day housing becomes available is May 8, 2024.

How many rooms can I reserve?

Consultants through senior directors may reserve one hotel room. 

Executive directors through national executive directors may reserve two hotel rooms.  

The room leader is the consultant who reserves the room.

What hotels are part of the Pampered Chef block?

See hotel information here

By registering for Conference, you are eligible for a room discount at the listed hotels, but we do anticipate that these discounted rooms will sell out. If the discounted rate is sold out, you can still book a room in the hotels listed below or at a nearby hotel. There are plenty of hotel options in Rosemont! There is a limited number of rooms available at a discount, meaning that not every attendee will get a discounted room.

What information do I need to reserve a room?

You’ll need to provide your consultant number, the consultant numbers and correct spellings of your roommate(s)’ first and last names, and a credit card with an expiration date of August 2024 or later. 

All roommates need to be registered for Conference before they can be added to a room reservation. Plan your roommates ahead of time so you are ready when housing opens! 

How do I make a reservation?

You must be registered for Conference before you will be able to secure your hotel room. Once you are registered, the option to book your room will become available the following day. You’ll need to review and agree to the housing guidelines and continue through the prompts on the screen to secure your room. Check out the Housing pagefor more information. 

Why is a one-night room and tax deposit required?

Pampered Chef negotiates room blocks based on our attendance forecast and past room block use at Conference hotels. The one-night room and tax deposit allow Pampered Chef to appropriately manage the housing needs of our group and helps us negotiate the best possible group rates with hotels.

How do I pay the one-night room and tax deposit?

The consultant listed as the room leader on the reservation is required to pay a one-night room and tax deposit at the time of the reservation. The deposit is paid to our housing bureau, Maritz. When housing closes on June 23, Maritz transfers payments to the hotel directly. The deposit is non-refundable after May 31. 

We recommend that the room leader collect payment of the deposit from their roommate(s) before Conference. The hotels won’t be able to divide the deposits among all the room occupants. Make sure you communicate this to your roommate(s) and that they reimburse you before the cut-off date. 

Do not pay the one-night room and tax deposit for a room you won’t occupy. Others may change their plans after the cut-off date, and we’ll be unable to issue a refund for the one-night deposit that you put on your credit card. 

How do we pay for the remainder of our hotel stay?

When you check in to the hotel, all your roommates should provide their credit card information to the front desk. The hotel will be able to divide the remainder of your stay equally among each roommate. Remember, the hotel cannot divide or reimburse the one-night non-refundable deposit that the room leader paid when they made the reservation. 

We strongly recommend that all roommates provide their credit cards upon check-in and not wait to supply this information when you check out of the hotel.

When will I receive my reservation confirmation?

Maritz will email your confirmations (not your hotel or Pampered Chef) within three business days of making your reservation.

How do I cancel my room and receive a refund?

Cancellations made by 11:59 p.m. (CT) on May 31 are eligible for a refund of the one-night room and tax deposit. After this date and time, the one-night room and tax deposit are non-refundable. The room leader must make cancellations directly through Maritz. Please, do not contact the hotel directly. 

Roommates may remove their name from the reservation, but they may not cancel the entire reservation. Maritz will notify the room leader if they do so.

Once the room leader cancels a reservation, they’ll receive a cancellation email from Maritz. Please keep a copy of the cancellation email for your records. If you do not receive the cancellation email, contact Maritz directly.


Where will the events be located?

All in-person events will be at Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, with the exception of General Sessions, which will take place at the Rosemont Theater. We’ll share more details with you soon. If you’re unable to attend live, don’t worry! You can watch the recorded segments when it works with your schedule.

How can I view the recordings?

After registration closes, we’ll share more details about how you can view General Sessions and Breakout Sessions.

Where can I find the agenda for Conference?

Please visit the agenda page.

Note: The agenda is subject to change, so please wait to print it out until closer to the event. 

Will Home Office tours be available?

For those attending in person, we will offer Home Office tours. You can register for a tour when you register for Conference through Consultant’s Corner.

Can we pre-register for Breakout Sessions?

You don’t need to pre-register for Breakout Sessions. There are seats for everyone! We’ll share more details about how to access these sessions closer to the event.

Will PC Gear be available?

Yes! PC Gear will be available with special offers for those who register for Conference. For those who attend the in-person experience, there will be exclusive items available. Remaining inventory will be available for virtual attendees following the event. More details are coming soon.

Meals & Entertainment

Are meals included with the registration fee?

All meals will be on your own. You’ll have at least two hours each day to go out and enjoy the amazing local restaurants. It’ll also give you more time to network with other consultants.

What activities can I do while in Rosemont?

Rosemont has lots to offer—check it out!


When will more information about recognition be available?

We’re working hard to provide you a world-class recognition experience at Conference! More information about what will be recognized during the event will be available in late April.

What will recognition look like?

Promoting to the next level, achieving a new milestone, and earning Excellence Awards are all big accomplishments, and we want to honor you. That’s why we’re working through all the details to make sure every achiever feels special, is celebrated, and gets their moment to shine. Look for more details coming soon.

  • Excellence Awards 2024 (June 1, 2023–May 31, 2024)
  • Career Title Recognition (July 1, 2023–June 1, 2024)
  • Career Club Milestone Achievers (June 1, 2023–May 31, 2024)
What if I earned attendance to a special event?

Our team is working hard to make these in-person-only events extra special. If you earned attendance to a special event, we’ll update you with more information when we send invitations.

Will I get my ribbons and career-title scraper(s)?

You’ll need to be with us in Rosemont to receive ribbons and scrapers throughout the event. If you can’t attend in-person this year and attend in-person next year, while still holding your current title or higher, you can get your career-title scraper and be recognized at Conference 2025.

Special Requests

Will closed captioning be available?

Yes, and if you require ASL interpreters or closed captioning, please check that box when you register. Additional information will be provided closer to the event.

Will there be a nursing mothers’ room available?

In 2024, we will not be offering a nursing mother’s room. We ask that, for everyone’s safety, you do not bring infants, caregivers, or any necessary strollers into General Sessions, events, or Breakout Sessions.

Can I bring my child to Conference?

Conference is a business meeting and is not a suitable environment for those under 18 years of age. You may not bring infants or children to company-sponsored events, even if you bring a caregiver.

Am I allowed to bring my service dog?

Yes, service dogs are allowed at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center and Rosemont Theater. Please contact registration@pamperedchef.com for any forms the convention center requires.

What if I require a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs or motorized scooters can be rented through the convention center.

We’ll keep updating information as Conference gets closer, so check back soon!
If you have an immediate question or concern, contact us at registration@pamperedchef.com.